Apex Steer v1.0 Released

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Key Features: Vector Field based steering. Advanced unit avoidance. Formations. Separation, arrival, containment and more. Apex Steer is the ideal solution for games where you have to control movement of several units, like Squads Tactical, RTS, Tactical shooters, Tower Defence and many other game genres. Get Apex Steer Now   Apex Steer is an add-on product for Apex Path. Apex Steer adds advanced …


Apex Path v2.0 Released with Unity 5.0 support

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Apex Path V2.0 New Features: A new Upgrade Scene menu item is available, which will upgrade scenes made with older versions of Apex Path to this version, adding and replacing components. Unit interaction is now done through a IUnitFacade, please watch the tutorial videos for details. Added a UnitsSelectedMessage, which will be posted when units are selected. The height navigation …


Apex Advanced Dynamic Obstacles Released

Morten Reinholdt Advanced Dynamic Obstacles

Highly optimized dynamic obstacles add-on for Apex Path Enables hundreds of dynamic obstacles of arbitrary sizes and shapes with minimal performance impact. Animate cars, asteroids, traps or any other type of dynamically moving object in your scene. Have agents planning their path around obstacles taking into account velocity and dynamically recalculating blocked paths. Apex Advanced Dynamic Obstacles is a must-have …

Apex Path v1.2.5

Morten Reinholdt Apex Path

Apex Path v1.2.5 Released Improvements: – Added patch functionality to the Products window so that minor fixes such as this can be applied without having to download a new package manually.   Bug Fixes: – Fixed a bug with the Grid that was caused by the new Portal Editor. – Fixed the Portal Editor so portals can now be properly …

Apex Path v1.2.4

Morten Reinholdt Apex Path

Apex Path v1.2.4 Released Improvements: Replaced the AsyncFailed event of the Path Finder Service with a callback to fix a problem with AOT compilation. Portals editor has been changed, which should hopefully make it easier to set up portals. Portals can now be either one- or two-way. Prepared for Advanced Dynamic Obstacles release The max constraint on Obstacle Sensitivity on …

Apex Path v 1.2.3

Morten Reinholdt Apex Path

Apex Path V 1.2.3 Contains 5 New Features, 3 Breaking Changes, 10 Improvements, 8 Bug fixes!   Important: when upgrading to Apex Path 1.2.3 you need to uninstall your previous version before installing, as we have made some structural changes. New Features: Obstacle Sensitivity Range is now in effect for Dynamic Obstacles similar to static obstacles. Options exists to use …

Apex Path v 1.2.1 Patch 1 Released

Morten Reinholdt Apex Path

v 1.2.1 Patch 1 Released New Features: The GridManager now has methods to get references to GridComponents given a position or bounds struct. A new message ‘GridStatusMessage’ is sent when grids do runtime initialization or are disabled. New factory methods enable runtime instantiation of grids and portals The GetCell method on IGrid now has an overload that allows to adjust …

Apex Path 1.2 RELEASED

Morten Reinholdt Apex Path

Apex Path version 1.2 contains lot’s of improvements, new features, even better performance and some bug fixes. changelog: Apex Path v 1.2 feature update. New Features: The Grid visualizer will now perform far better. It will now only draw the grid when within a configurable zoom level. Portals now come in two flavors, shortcuts and connectors. Shortcuts are portals such …