Apex Utility AI Perpetual Edition

$ 300.00

Full functionality in both Unity free and pro.

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Features include:

  • Ultra high-performance
  • Extendible using C#
  • Run-time debugging
  • In-scene debugging
  • Built-in Editor
  • Plug-and-play behaviors
  • Low memory footprint
  • Hierarchical and parallel configuration
  • Sub-AIs
  • Zero garbage collection
  • Modularized for high reusability
  • High controllability
  • JSON Serialization for persistence
  • Load balanced
  • MonoBehaviour and Non-MonoBehaviour options

Product Description

Advanced hierarchical scoring-based artificial intelligence (AI) framework capable of advanced abstract reasoning for any game genre. Used in AAA games with the best AI, such as F.E.A.R and Killzone. Extremely fast to configure very complex AIs for any performance budget.

Apex Utility AI is packed with tutorials, example projects, and example classes for advanced behaviors such as memory models, scanning, visualization, tactical reasoning, target prioritization, action prioritization and much more.

The Apex Utility AI is licensed on a per-seat basis, each purchase qualifies for two activations on two different devices.