The future of AI in Indie Games

Nordic Game Jam – The future of AI in Indie Games

Morten Reinholdt Apex Utility AI, Game AI

We gave a talk at Nordic Game Jam, “The future of AI in Indie Games”

Something really special is happening when 900+ game jammers are jamming, crafting games and having fun!

Talk Description:

We are happy to welcome, Apex Game Tools to NGJ 16! They will show off cool AI tech at the jam and have a sweet offer for all jammers. Read all about them here.

Artificial intelligence in games is making a triumphant return. New genres are being launched and gameplay improvements are occurring as thanks to AI technology. This goes from AAA titles to smaller indie ones.

Computer games have not always kept up with developments, utilizing scripting and behavior trees, for AI in games, somewhat outdated methods. While the graphics have been outstanding, AI has drawn criticism from reviewers and gamers alike.

For the sake of deep immersion and complex game worlds, the game industry is coming around and realizing the importance of AI. This is due to technology but also necessity. There is a renewed demand for AI that can imitate complex thought as well complex algorithms and interactions of nature.  Developers have found that massive worlds require intelligent design of anything from planets, cities, and creatures.

In their talk at Nordic Game Jam, Apex Game Tools will showcase some of the bleeding-edge AI technologies as well as show some of the emerging tools that bridge the chasm between the – increasingly failing – design-based technologies dominating the industry, and the new machine learning paradigm that still escapes most game products. In this context, they will of course provide advice on how indie game developers can take advantage of the available technologies to overcome some of the barriers that are particular to indie game development.


All participants are given a Apex Utility AI license.

Talk slides: The future of AI in Indie Games