free online game ai classes

Free online Game AI Classes

Morten Reinholdt Uncategorized

Would you like us to create free online Game AI classes?

As a company we have a lot of activities around Game AI

  • Teaching at universities.
  • Conference talks.
  • On-location workshops.
  • Collaborating with leading industry researcher.
  • Collaborating with big and small Game Studios.
  • Contracting work in regards to game AI implementation.

We get very good feedback on our workshops, classes, talks etc. and quite often we get asked if we ever considered doing online classes/session!

This is a really great idea we like to try out, there is nothing like talking to follow developers that are passionate about the same topics as we are!

We like to figure out if you have an interest in us creating free online classes about Game AI! also game AI is a broad topic so we like to know what topic is most relevant to you.