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    June 11, 2015 at 15:43 #2475
    Scott R. Plaumann

    I may have been unclear about the A* mentioned in the video. I was trying to recall what I had observed while initially playing the game and then reiterate, off the cuff, a narrative as I re-watched the video of that gameplay. So I may have been thinking that no extra AI was being implemented beyond what is intrinsic by the incorporation of an APEX Path component as an agent that moves the Avatar, so no Game World Grid. The map is built in WorldCreator, which generates the *.raw file where it is then imported into Unity to be built as the precompiled terrain, seen in the video. Sorry, I’m still new at this. I didn’t mean to misinterpret this point as I actually am mostly unaware about path finding right now and didn’t realize that “live ray casting”, as you mentioned above, could be a possibility of what is used for the most simplistic of navigation. Still learning, guessing, implementing, building, testing, and so on.

    Slightly off topic but still on the map is that I picked up an ooti Adventure Camera and Rig for the Avatar. So as I work with APEX Path, I am trying to form a strategy top down-ish game camera with APEX Path to lead and move the cohorts, (Age of Empires style). Then switch, somehow, to transition into the main character’s third person ooti camera rig, to dig deeper into the ground level melee/adventure point of view, (Laura Croft Tomb Raider style). Directing other NPC’s, within reach, using APEX Path while still in a third person camera view is also a possibility. Implementation is still up in the air.

    I’ll keep you apprised, (another video next month?), of my successes and failures as I work and wallow in complexity to use and blend your product with others in this game building venture.

    Until then, thanks again, Scott.

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    June 10, 2015 at 04:46 #2455
    Scott R. Plaumann

    I read through the documentation and went over the Apex Path Tutorials and came up with this:
    A simple game TrailBlazer II GAME.
    And a video while play-testing the same game, PlayTest TrailBlazer II VIDEO

    The implementation really doesn’t match the “test cases” given in your videos, but I will continue to explore how APEX Path responds to what my intentions are. Running across wide open spaces, entering villages and then indoors or caves are the three modes I can foresee as my test cases in the near future.

    Thank you for building this APEX product, I’ll keep you updated as these mutations become stabilized. There is still a possibility to become unable to reselect an unselected unit on a mountain slope. This happens because of the way the terrain blocks the selection point of the unit, from the players point of view, being the main unit with the camera attached. When that happens the game is over, can’t move, nothing more, but that one is on me, my bad bug, as I try to get the most out of this APEX Path package.

    Thanks again, FarNiche/Ed@.r