Unit Avoidance Error

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    I have 4units.

    Unit A and B avoid each other. But Unit C and D don’t avoid each other.
    Unit A and B avoid C and D, and Unit C and D avoid A and B.

    I think C and D don’t perceive each other.
    Their Paths are controlled by Wander behavior.
    But They don’t belong to any team(attribute) or group.

    I don`t understand this situation.

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    Thanks for your post.

    From the information you have given, it is practically impossible for us to evaluate why C and D are not avoiding each other.

    Wandering should not conflict with avoidance behaviour.

    Either you need to provide much more information, e.g. a video showing this, screenshots or an example project replicating the issue, or we can only provide general feedback that may or may not apply.

    So: make sure they have the right components. I think that the most likely scenario is that the component setup is not correct, e.g. they are missing a SteeringScanner or the actual UnitAvoidance component.

    Make sure their radius value is set correctly, consider adding a little bit of radius margin on the avoidance component, if you don’t have it already.

    Make sure they are not ignoring units with certain attributes, unless they are supposed to.

    Perhaps you forgot to set the ‘Units’ layer on C and D?

    If you have changed priorities on some of the components, this may break intended behaviour.

    Ensure that they all have colliders on the same game object as the Apex components. Physics is how they perceive each other.

    Try to reproduce in an empty project to ensure that the issue concerns Apex components.

    Try to redo the component setup on C and D, ideally by using the most relevant navigation quick start.

    Ultimately, try to compare the units that work – A and B, with the units that do not work. Find out what the difference is.

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