Apex Path 2.0.1 RELEASED

  • March 9, 2015 at 14:47 #2018
    Morten Reinholdt

    2.0.1 Released

    New Features:

    • Steer for Path now has a Strict Path Following property to control how it follows a path.
      This is on by default, which produces behaviour identical to before.
      If toggled off the unit will proceed on its path if it passes by its current target path node, regardless of distance to it.
      In short this means that if it overshoots it will just proceed. A video will be produced to show the effects of this.
    • A new ManualDynamicObstacle is available to allow custom blocking of areas.


    • Changed dynamic obstacles to use the grid’s obstacle sensitivity by default.
    • Added additional options for runtime grid updating.
    • A number of new example scenes with matching tutorial videos (a few videos are still in production)

    Bug Fixes:

    • Apex Component Master failed when removing components.
    • Corrected the internal version marker so the product window no longer state an update is available, when it is not.
    • The Mixed Mode for Obstacle and Ground detection on the grid is now actually mixed mode.
    • Some fixes regarding prefabs and Apex components.
    • Fixed some Unity 5 issues.
    • Fixed a tool-tip issue.

    Known Issues:

    • Cell sizes less than 1 cause issues due to how costs are integer based. We have added a warning about this instead of capping the size to minimum 1,
      since some may have simply written their own cost provider to fix this. It should be noted that this issue is not new to 2.0.
    • There a are a few issues with height navigation, mainly to do with box collider units and aligning with elevation.
      Units also do not stick perfectly to the ground on slopes.

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