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    I was curious if the asset can run 2d steering with hundreds of units on iOS Androids with FPS above 30~60. If so are there any suggested options to boost up the performance. I would rather sacrifice some options like avoidance and using obstacles(like walls) to make it run on games. Thank you!!

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    Hi Jonathan,

    Thanks for your post.

    We actually have a page on mobile performance, although it is slightly outdated.

    Generally, Apex Path and Apex Steer have very good performance with almost zero GC at runtime, and can support vast amounts of moving entities simultaneously. However, obviously there is an upper limit that depends on your target platform, the complexity of the environment (grid) and the amount of components you use on your units.

    Generally, the fewer components you use, the less overhead. Especially the scanning-based components such as Steer for Unit Avoidance and Steer for Separation may be slightly more costly than others.

    I encourage you to play around with the setup to figure out where your limits are.

    It should probably be noted that Apex Path and Apex Steer only support movement on the X & Z axes (+ height navigation on Y), and not X & Y, which is common for 2D games.

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    Thanks for your reply.
    It helped me a lot. I will try to work out the components and options.
    Thank you!

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