free online game ai classes

Free online Game AI Classes

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Would you like us to create free online Game AI classes? As a company we have a lot of activities around Game AI Teaching at universities. Conference talks. On-location workshops. Collaborating with leading industry researcher. Collaborating with big and small Game Studios. Contracting work in regards to game AI implementation. We get very good feedback on our workshops, classes, talks etc. …

Apex Path v 1.2.2 Patch 2 / Minor feature release

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v 1.2.2 Patch 2 / Minor feature release New Features: ISteerable now has a finalDestination property A new request type CallbackPathRequest was added. This allows for interaction with the path finder without having to implement INeedPath All request types now have a ‘type’ property. Currently two types are available, Normal and IntelOnly, the latter being an optimization for AI use. …

Unity Asset Store Madness

Unity Asset Store Madness, save 50% on Apex Path

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Right now you can save 50% on our Unity pathfinding plugin Apex Path through Unity Asset Store Madness campaign. It’s available right now at half price in Unity Asset Store but only during Unity Asset Store Madness campaign!

Speaking at Shayla Games

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We are speaking at Shayla Games May 24 at AAlborg University Copenhagen, this is super exciting as this is the first time we will be showing Apex Path to the public. We will give an insight to all the cool and nifty features, show example scenes etc. There is a really impressive line up of speakers, here is the program.

Welcome to Apex Game Tools

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Our aim is to ease game development for indie and professional studios by developing tools and components that are easy to implement and have great performance. Feel free to email us with requests, tips and feedback. We strive provide high quality products to make your life easier and we can only do this if you share your thoughts, ideas and …