Apex Steer v1.0 Released

Morten Reinholdt Apex Steer 2 Comments

Key Features:

  • Vector Field based steering.
  • Advanced unit avoidance.
  • Formations.
  • Separation, arrival, containment and more.

Apex Steer is the ideal solution for games where you have to control movement of several units, like Squads Tactical, RTS, Tactical shooters, Tower Defence and many other game genres.

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Apex Steer is an add-on product for Apex Path. Apex Steer adds advanced functionality such as unit Formations, Swarming, Crowd SimulationDynamic avoidanceDestructible geometry and just like Apex Path, Apex Steer supports procedural content generation. Apex Steer is built on a technique known as steering behaviours combined with vector fields, the same technology is used in AAA-games such as Starcraft 2 and Supreme Commander, which are known to have some of the best local avoidance ever developed for games.

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  1. Does this come with source code? I’d like to take a peek at that code and implement fixed point math so it’d be a viable option for my RTS game.

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