Apex Path v2.0 Released with Unity 5.0 support

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Apex Path V2.0

New Features:

  • A new Upgrade Scene menu item is available, which will upgrade scenes made with older versions of Apex Path to this version, adding and replacing components.
  • Unit interaction is now done through a IUnitFacade, please watch the tutorial videos for details.
  • Added a UnitsSelectedMessage, which will be posted when units are selected.
  • The height navigation options are now set per scene or per unit instead of per grid, through the new Navigation Settings component available on the Game World.
  • Height sampling and navigation now provides 4 options. Generating and using a height map or no height at all are still present.
    New are ray cast and sphere cast. Both new options do not generate a height map and hence take no memory for this, instead they do real time height sampling.
  • Grouping of units via selection or otherwise has changed completely, see the tutorial videos for details.
  • All Apex Components are now consolidated by the Component Master, to reduce component clutter.
  • Unity 5.0 support


  • The ZeroHeightMap now returns negative infinity instead of pos.y when sampling a position, since a zero height map represents no height.
  • Moved various path finder settings to its own component which is shared among those that use it.
  • Grids now have an option to select the method used to detect terrain and obstacles, this is mainly due to a Unity bug where the default CheckCapsule will fail in certain scenarios.
  • All registered units in a scene can be retrieved via the GameStateManager (through GameServices)
  • Various extension to existing data structures and a couple of new ones.
  • Numerous tweaks to existing components.

Breaking Changes:

  • Steering has changed completely, watch the tutorial videos for details.
  • The INeedPath interface now only requires a single method to be implemented. All unit related data is passed to the request by way of the ‘requesterProperties’.
  • The CallbackPathRequest constructor no longer requires unit data such as radius and attributes, these are contained in the new required ‘requesterProperties’ property.
  • The path finder options of a path request are now consolidated in the pathFinderOptions property
  • Removed the speed index property from the HumanoidSpeedComponent since it is not an optimal way to control animations as it does not reflect the actual speed of a unit.
  • Off Grid Navigation is no longer an option since it works poorly with groups and is just generally not useful.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed yet another bug with WP8 and WinRT

Known Issues:

  • There a are a few issues with height navigation, mainly to do with box collider units and aligning with elevation.
    Units also do not stick perfectly to the ground on slopes.

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