Apex Path v1.0 released in Unity Asset Store

Morten Reinholdt Apex Path

Apex Path is a high performance, easy to use dynamic pathfinding solution developed by Apex Game Tools.




  • One-click quick start
  • Dynamic pathfinding
  • Dynamic obstacles
  • Multiple grids
  • Height maps
  • Simple steering
  • Patrol routes
  • Attributes
  • Multiple platforms
  • Multi-threaded
  • Load balancing
  • Multiple algorithms
  • Easy to extend

Advanced Dynamic Pathfinding

Support changes in level geometry at runtime. Doors can open and close. Walls can be destroyed. Buildings can be added and removed. Objects can fall and block corridors. Platforms can move. All changes are reflected in the pathfinding and agents automatically update their paths at runtime.

Highly Optimized, tuned for performance

The packed support multithreading and to ensure a steady frame rate in complex scenes it also comes with it’s own load balancer. Over 1,000 agents have been supported on a standard desktop PC.

Extensive documentation

Despite the advanced technology, Apex Path is very easy to use and work with, the API is fully documented and supported with an array of both written and video tutorials, examples on how to implement common game functionality.