Apex Path v 1.2.3

Morten Reinholdt Apex Path

Apex Path V 1.2.3

Contains 5 New Features, 3 Breaking Changes, 10 Improvements, 8 Bug fixes!


Important: when upgrading to Apex Path 1.2.3 you need to uninstall your previous version before installing, as we have made some structural changes.

New Features:

  • Obstacle Sensitivity Range is now in effect for Dynamic Obstacles similar to static obstacles. Options exists to use the Grid’s setting or a custom one.
  • Added a simple utility to create and edit an Attribute set.
  • Added a marshaller that allows marshalling actions from another thread onto the main thread. This is now used by the CallbackPathRequest, hence callbacks will now be made on the main thread.
  • Added automatic update checking and a Products window for Apex products to give an overview of installed / available packages.
  • The grid component now has an ‘offset’ property when ‘Link Origin to Transform’ is checked. This allows the grid to be offset some amount in relation to its transform.

Breaking Changes:

  • ISteerable has been deprecated and merged into IMovable. The distinction between these two really caused more confusion than clarity.
  • The currentDestination property on IMovable has been deprecated and is now called nextNodePosition instead. The property has always returned the location of the next node along the path being travelled, but its name suggested otherwise.
    It is now also a nullable Vector3 instead of an IPositioned, to align it with the finalDestination property.
  • RectangleXZ is now a struct.


  • Dynamic Obstacle performance improved by approximately 400%.
  • The PathResult’s properties are now writable so that result processors can change them.
  • The Grid Field tool has moved to the Tools menu.
  • The UnitNavigationEventMessage NodeReached event is now raised after the next node has been resolved, so that nextNodePosition will return the expected next node rather than the one already reported as reached.
  • The path service now exposes a property that makes changing the cost provider to use easier than before.
  • Portals now have an option to be treated relative to their transform, i.e. the end points will use local space. This means portals can work properly in prefabs.
  • The ‘currentPath’ property of the IMovable is now of type Path instead of the previous less helpful IIterable<IPositioned>
  • The grid visualizer will now update if the transform, on which the grid resides, is moved.
  • Minimum required Unity version to download from the Asset Store is now 4.3 instead of 4.5
  • Improved a few component editors.

Bug Fixes:

  • Corrected a multithreading issue involving dynamic obstacles with frequent updates.
  • Corrected a few labels on attributed components in the Unity editor.
  • Fixed the PortalActionTeleportComponent, it was teleporting units into the terrain.
  • Fixed a bug where runtime initialization of a grid with a portal already on it would only partially initialize the portal.
  • Fixed a bug where static obstacle detection would detect obstacles outside the boundaries on elevated terrain.
  • Terrain checking will no longer fail to detect terrain at the joint points of terrain pieces.
  • Fixed a bug with the Navigating Unit with Selection quick start in Win8 / WP8 apps when a custom input receiver is defined.
  • Fixed a bug with manually initialized grids, where loaded at runtime and moved to position before initialization would not move the grid accordingly.