Apex Path v 1.2.2 Patch 2 / Minor feature release

Morten Reinholdt Uncategorized

v 1.2.2 Patch 2 / Minor feature release

New Features:

  • ISteerable now has a finalDestination property
  • A new request type CallbackPathRequest was added. This allows for interaction with the path finder without having to implement INeedPath
  • All request types now have a ‘type’ property. Currently two types are available, Normal and IntelOnly, the latter being an optimization for AI use.
  • SteerForPathComponent now implements IInjectPathFinderOptions which allows for having custom requests injected with the path finder options assigned to a unit
  • Path results now include a ‘pathCost’ property which represents the length of the path and the cost of its individual nodes.
  • Paths are now represented by the Path class. It derives from the StackWithLookAhead and thusly is not a breaking change. It is simply more clear and adds some additional possibilities, e.g IMovable.MoveAlong(…).
  • A SimpleQueue was added to data structures
  • A new Example scene ‘Item Pickup’ was added, showing some of the new features.

Breaking Changes:

  • RepetableAction is now correctly named RepeatableAction. Simply search and replace.
  • The ManualPath and the matching IMovable.MoveAlong method felt clumsy and have been deprecated. Instead use the new Path class and the matching IMovable.MoveAlong methods.
  • Cleaned up the IPathService interface to only expose methods intended for use outside the framework. Not likely to affect you.
  • Cleaned up the IPathRequest and its implementation. Not likely to affect you.


  • StackWithLookAhead now has an indexer and implements IIndexable
  • The currentPath and currentWaypoints properties of ISteerable are now indexable
  • Connector portals now produce smoother paths (even more so than 1.2.1)
  • Shortcut portals covering multiple cells will now correctly choose entry and exits points that result in the shortest path.
  • IUnit now also implements IHaveAttributes

Bug Fixes:

  • Windows Store App and WP8 Apps no longer throw exceptions on compilation, for real this time.
  • Fixed a nasty bug where units would increase their speed in certain scenarios, especially obvious when issuing manual paths.
  • Two examples that broke in patch 1 are now back in operation.
  • The path finder and path smoother, now properly respects the custom cost of individual grid cells.