Apex Path v 1.2.1 Patch 1 Released

Morten Reinholdt Apex Path

v 1.2.1 Patch 1 Released

New Features:

  • The GridManager now has methods to get references to GridComponents given a position or bounds struct.
  • A new message ‘GridStatusMessage’ is sent when grids do runtime initialization or are disabled.
  • New factory methods enable runtime instantiation of grids and portals
  • The GetCell method on IGrid now has an overload that allows to adjust the position to the grid bounds, i.e. find the closest cell on the grid if the position is outside the grid.

Breaking Changes:

  • The Disable method on the GridComponent now requires an argument specifying the maximum milliseconds to use per frame. This is related to the changes/fixes below.
  • IMoveCost signature changed. Unlikely to affect anyone, but a breaking change nonetheless.
  • IPortalAction’s GetActionCost now takes a IMoveCost argument to allow for better cost calculations.

Bug Fixes:

  • Windows Store App and WP8 Apps no longer throw exceptions on compilation.
  • The editor for attributed components no longer fails if no attribute set is defined.
  • Portals now respond to grids being initialized / disabled at runtime and no longer cause exceptions when placed on grids where automatic initialization is turned off.
  • Dynamic obstacles now have an option to support dynamic grids, i.e. initialization / disabling at runtime. Set this to true if you initialize / disable grids at runtime.
  • The callback argument in the Initialize method on the GridComponent can now be null if you don’t require a callback.
  • Basic avoidance will no longer throw an exception if a unit being avoided, is destroyed


  • The ‘Navigate to Nearest if Blocked’ setting now also applies to actual blocked cells.
  • Changed the Mac Support of the default input receiver. It now has a ‘Right Click Supported’ property instead. If your Mac is not set up for right click support, uncheck that option.
  • Grids not set to automatic initialization are now drawn semi transparent.
  • Movement across stitched together grids is now smoother.

Known issue: The dynamic obstacles in the wander performance example scene do not block as they should. This is due to them being spawned outside the grid. If you wish to fix this, you can simply set the grid’s upper boundary to 30 instead of 10.