Apex Path 1.1 released, includes Local Avoidance Steering

Morten Reinholdt Apex Path

[NEW] Basic Avoidance Steering.

In addition to a number of minor improvements, and by popular request from the community we now have a basic implementation of avoidance steering included with Apex Path!

[NEW] Grid prefab’ing and late initialization.

We have added new options for grid initialization to ensure spike free loading of grids at run time.

The updated version is available in Unity Asset Store


Full release notes

v. 1.1 Minor feature update

  • Adds basic avoidance to steering. A new Quickstart will now add this to units.
  • Minor improvement to the replacement of input receivers, input receivers are now resolved by means of an attribute.
  • Improved configuration options when defining load balancers.
  • Streamlined facing orientation control to behave the same as locomotion with regards to overriding default behavior. This is a *Breaking* change.
  • Grid baked data can now be stored as an asset. This allows for prefab’ing baked grids.
  • Grids now have an option to disable automatic initialization, and instead an Initialize method must be called manually. This Initialize method does its work smoothly over several frames.
  • Grids can now be disabled to release all memory used, but calling Disable().
  • The dynamic update time limit on grids has been removed and instead must be supplied in the call to perform a dynamic update.
  • Baked grids can now be re-baked without first having to press ‘Edit’.
  • SteerableUnitComponent now has a setting to control the minimum speed at which units turn.

Bug fixes:

  • Game services are now properly initialized before other components.

About Apex Path

Advanced pathfinding in Unity3d made easy.Apex Path is the new standard in pathfinding. The package aims to combine professional features with simple installation and exceptional performance. Apex Path is designed to give indie and professional game developers the best affordable pathfinding solution on the market.